10 Simple Steps to Elevate Your Personal Development

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wade bergner10 Simple Steps to Elevate Your Personal Development


Being able to manage your thoughts is one of the most important things in personal development.

You might have all the logical and rational reasons in the world to do something, but your thoughts can just take over and pull everything to a grinding halt. Having your thoughts working for you instead of against you can change your life.

There are many ways to shift your thoughts however, it takes practice and resilience to build momentum with lasting change.  Below are 10 great ways to shift your thoughts from negative to positive.


  1. Relax
    This one is easy but just remembering that you can relax when you feel all tensed up can work wonders. In most cases tension is something you just built up in your mind. When people are trying to change a habit, thought, or behaviour they often complain that it takes too much effort. Others may criticize them for not having a strong enough will. What’s occurring, is that people are trying to force a habit to change while unconsciously using their muscles against it. This applies in both mental and physical states.  This kind of forceful attempt creates tension that locks up the body’s energy, and makes people feel worn out. They end up fighting themselves, which is never effective. By will make your decision to relax your muscles, and direct your attention towards where you want to go.  Done repetitively over time this will become a habit that serves you.


  1. Ask different questions
    We are always asking ourselves questions, unfortunately they’re poor misdirected questions. Instead of asking yourself: Why must I do this? Try asking yourself how can I make this more fun for me? You might even ponder, how can this serve me? Don’t ask yourself will I be able to do this?  Instead ask how will I do this?  Ask better questions that empowers you.  Questions that presuppose that you have the power over your own life (which is indeed true).  Direct your focus on solutions that open your mind to new possibilities, not solutions that trap you.


  1. Smile
    Smiling gives you a boost of happiness. Try forcing yourself to smile for thirty seconds right now. The great feelings that make you smile works in reverse too. This simple action of smiling will automatically start releasing wonderful chemicals that makes you feel happy. Try it right now and you’ll feel the difference.

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  1. Appreciate things
    This is one of the most simple and effective ways to just feel so much better. Become aware and appreciate the food you’re eating, the roof over your head, the daily conveniences, the freedom, your friends and family, the energy of nature.  This kind of personal development, simply works.  It draws our awareness where it should be, which is appreciating the things in our life instead of taking them for granted.  We’re often trying to match experiences to what we want, rather than accepting them for what they are.  We tend to take everything personal.
  1. Interrupt your thought pattern
    When we have one of those days where nothing seems to be working.  This is our chance to interrupt our thought pattern by doing something unexpected and different than our current state. Do something that totally breaks our thought pattern. Humor being different than depressed or anxious, is an awesome pattern interrupt.  The beauty of humor is that it is also very contagious.  With any luck, you might not be able to remember your previous negative thought. Much like when you have a conversation, that is interrupted, and then, you can’t remember what you were just talking about.  You feel confused and your state has changed. Make up five things to do that really breaks your pattern and try them out.


  1. Use an external State-boost
    Tony Robbins (Personal Development Coach) mentions that before one of his guest-speakers or coaches goes up on stage, they watch videos of Eddie Murphy (famous comedian).  This action has a profound affect on each of their performances.  Other state-booster’s could be: personal development books, videos, webinars, and podcasts.


  1. Eat energy Rich Foods
    If you feel tired and frustrated maybe you just need to eat?  Get your energy back and your blood sugar up to a healthier level. Enjoy some nutrient rich food, and take time to chew the food.  By not rushing through your meal, your stomach will know when you’ve had enough.  By becoming aware and slowing down,  you will be surprised at the difference it makes.

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  1. Visualize & Create a Physical Anchor
    Close your eyes and imagine an emotional state that you want to snap into.  For example: remember a time when you felt really powerful and confident, then breathe and move in that manner.  Then while in that state snap your fingers over and over, this will link up that emotion with the action of snapping.  After visualizing and feeling that state more intensely, the anchors are likely to become more and more anchored.  Anchoring is based on Ivan Pavlov and his experiments with dogs and bells but, has been developed by people in the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
  1. Believe in Yourself and Recall Positive Experiences
    Have some faith that things can and will work out for you. Do all you can to get yourself to understand that all experiences are happening FOR YOU, not to you. It can often be helpful to recall past positive experiences, so you can boost your confidence.  Feed off that memory, it will create positive self-talk.


  1. Exercise Regularly

The profound impact exercise has on your state is immeasurable.  Thousands of books have been written on its benefits and how to get started.  If you just choose one of these 10 steps, start with exercise.  Implementing exercise into your life, could very likely serve as a portal into the remaining nine area’s we’ve discussed.


Implementing these 10 personal development tips, can change the trajectory of your life.  I’m here to give the best of myself, in hopes that I can provide you with value!  Please consider following me on any of the below links.


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    Well written article about personal development tips. Your authenticity comes through in your blog posts.👍🏻

    • Wade Bergner

      Your post made my day! Thanks for taking the time. If I can do anything to assist you please let me know. Thanks again!

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