5 Fantastic Traits That Will Make You a Purpose Driven Leader Right Now

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wade bergner5 Fantastic Traits That Will Make You a Purpose Driven Leader Right Now

Have you ever doubted your ability to become a purpose driven leader?  A leader that others want to follow, not have to follow.  One that feels a strong sense of purpose, fulfillment, and passion for their objective.  While at the same time handles the responsibility of overseeing and guiding their team.  Despite a leader’s strong front, doubt can kick in.  At these times, recognize the following 5 purpose driven traits that make you the leader you were designed to be.


  1. “Chip on your shoulder” Trait – Have you heard enough references on television about athletes who have overcome coaches, parents, teachers, who doubted them? I can assure you, this trait served them well.  It simply stoked their fire to excellence!


  1. Discipline Trait – Excellence isn’t a trait that’s, handed to you. Excellence occurs through repetition and a deep desire to learn and grow in your area of interest.  A leader with discipline, sets the standard for that organization.  Attracting like-minded individuals who propel the company forward.


  1. Openminded Trait – In most cases a leader who believes they know everything, fails themselves and their team. Being closeminded, neglects organizations of their true potential.  A openminded leader shows humility and respect for others creating a safe environment to share in.wade bergner


  1. “Think from the end” Trait – When a leader thinks from the end, they can visualize the result daily, and pull it towards them.  Leaders should have a strong sense of direction but, learn to detach from details.  There will always be adjustments and challenges to overcome, overanalyzing will cripple the teams rate of progress.  When the team is on board with the goal, the details fill themselves in along the way.


  1. “Fail Forward” Trait –Growth occurs when a leader allow himself and others to fail. Recognize any amazing accomplishment and you will see that, many failures occurred prior that accomplishment.  Finding your purpose locking in regardless of obstacles, is key.  Each experience leads to yet another opportunity to expand, learn how I started my journey.

If you emulate these 5 traits, amazing clarity and purpose will be given to your leadership role.  I wish you exceptional prosperity and love on your journey!  You may also enjoy this post, on recognizing enterprising traits.

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  • Joan M

    Good ideas. Thanks

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks for taking the time to respond Joan. So helpful to get feedback from my readers.

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