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If you’re anything like me, you often feel out of balance, unsettled, and restless.  Despite the daily reminders to recognize all the amazing blessings in our lives, the restlessness often persists.  Until recently, did I truly understand the forces at play.  A simple activity that when implemented, shed light on 8 primary life categories that increase our level of fulfillment.



  1. Health & Fitness – Without doubt this is where we start.  With health you have hope, and with hope you gain access to fulfillment.
  2. Family & Community – The innate desire to connect is within us all. Despite the degree of its magnitude, it exists.
  3. Fun & Hobbies – We were all given this gift of life, to experience the physical world and enjoy. Learning from the experiences while embracing fun whenever it pulls at us.
  4. Spirit & Faith –  Knowing that there is a “Oneness” to life, lessens the burden we often carry around.  Realizing this connection elevates the energy in and around us.
  5. Personal Development – Just like every living thing on earth we are designed to grow. To neglect ourselves in this area, blocks us from our true potential.
  6. Romance or Intimate Relationship – A strong one on one emotional & physical bond with another, can create an elevated state that nurtures both involved.
  7. Career & Work – To provide value to society, should engulf you in a sense of satisfaction. Having awareness that you absolutely make a difference is huge.
  8. Wealth & Finance – This category varies significantly. I love the phrase “A success life, is a life that is loved by the person living it”.


Where you spend your time, is where you’re alignedfulfillment

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned throughout my lifetime is, that becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings is priceless!  Often, we will go for years being completely oblivious to the actions and words were conveying to ourselves and others.  Having a true friend step in to be honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly, assists our development.  It’s important to know where you are, to allow you to move forward.  If you don’t know where you are, it’s difficult to formulate a plan to go somewhere else.  The below activity is a long-term strategy, to gain awareness and take action.


Create a chart that list the 8 Primary Life Categories.  The next step would be for you to rank each category 1 being the lowest (level of satisfaction) 10 the highest level.  Once your results are reviewed, you’ll become aware of areas that have been creating imbalance in your life.  Now, you have valuable information to build upon.  Then proceed to ask yourself, what can I do daily to improve this ranking?  Your daily commitment to strengthening these areas of weakness will change your life.  A simple daily “To Do List” which includes an action you can take, will empower you.  The momentum of hope will build, as your fulfillment barometer rises.  By implementing this gift, you’ll be helping yourself and others! 

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