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A picturesque city where the great Mississippi River and spectacular bluffs stage my upbringing.  A community of kindness and hope fed upon itself daily.  Ingesting these truths, along with throwing, hitting, and kicking any ball was my bliss and my identity.

However, school created an indisputable challenge for me.  In third grade I was held back and labeled with a reading disability.  A blow to my confidence which opened a portal of low self-esteem that I delve right into.

I was blessed with a transformational event that changed my life.  It was the 2nd week of my first year in high school.  My concern had arisen as my math teacher requested I stay after class.  My frail state expected the worst with more educational strife in store.  To my bewilderment the Track & Field coach from down the hall, wanted to meet me.  He kindly informed me that the mile time I ran in Physical Education class (earlier in the week) was the fastest he’d seen.  He went on to tell me with his guidance, I could become one of the fastest distance runners in the state.  In that instant he instilled such a strong belief in me, that I had no choice but to believe in myself.  That moment of spoken words, was and still is my life’s greatest lesson.  That sense of belief and eventual knowing, propelled me to successful high school running career.

The success in that area, in turn, led to me graduating from college where I earned Athletic All-American honors.  The fire still burned in me after college, as I moved to Colorado with hopes of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials.  The success I experienced in athletics provided me the confidence to enter the business world and have success in it.  I’ve spent the past 25 years building businesses and now, I’m thrilled to share my experiences with others.  Each day I look for the opportunity to share the gift of belief with others.  That is my mission, and I am euphoric to know that this opportunity exists.

I’ll be forever grateful for the assistance I’ve had along my path.  The best I can do to return the favor, would be to give what I can of myself.  By sharing of myself, my experiences, and my mentors, I’ll be fulfilling my purpose.

Wade W, Bergner

A successful business owner who’s still not living the life of freedom? This contradicts popular belief. “I may have owned the businesses but, most of the times
it owned me.”

Until my most recent business endeavor, did I really understand?

After enrolling into an educational business system that opened my eyes to unlimited potential and opportunity. This system forced me to take a good hard look at myself, and the business models that I had been utilizing.

Amazing things began to happen once I uncovered what I really wanted out of my life. Aligning myself with the right people, products, and services was key!

Sharing my innate skills with a community of authentic, like-minded, and driven individuals had been what I was missing.

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