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Successful leaders and companies require communication, organization, and authenticity.  There are countless leadership traits that need to be developed over time.  Therefore, let’s uncover that early traits that leaders establish.  One surprising trait, is the key driver of trust and connection within organizations, and it’s referred to as vulnerability!  A word for many people implying weakness, is now considered the birthplace of growth.  Organizations around the world are now adjusting their business models so employees can embrace their authenticity.  Exceptional leaders have unknowingly been drawing great people into their organization, because of this skill set.  Because their ability to show “humanness” and compassion, works in “Law of Attraction” fashion.

G.A.P. Inc. was early to implement a program focused on authenticity.  Their program “Better You Better G.A.P.” encouraged employees to openly share their gifts, talents, doubts, experiences, fears, within the organization.  After the program was initiated, there was a measurable difference in productivity.  Creating a safe place where judgment was removed and connection was hailed, invigorated their mission!

“Vulnerability isn’t bad, it’s just HARD!”

Mike Robbins, Author of Bring Your Whole Self to Work

We’ve all experienced pain, disappointment, heartbreak, and that’s why it’s so hard to embrace the concept of vulnerability.  By bringing awareness into focus, we can embrace the facts and see the value of authenticity.  Rather than holding ourselves and our organizations back lets stretch into this new direction.  Being authentic entails a lot of courage and inter strength.  Being seen, heard, and valued are core needs that are often being neglected in both business and personal lives.  By finding out who individuals really are, is a priceless gift for both parties involved.


“You can’t get courage without walking through vulnerability”

Dr. Bernay Brown (University of Houston)

What people do for a living, pales in comparison to what lights them up!  Compassion creates a comfortable environment for organizations to prosper in.  Mike Robbins author and public speaker discusses two primary needs that create a thriving work environment.  The first need is to collectively establish high expectations.  Setting challenging goals are an innate need that we’ve often let fear neglect us of.  When we really step back and look outside of ourselves, what do we observe and learn?  As I ponder, my vision draws in the strong desire to grow by all living things.  In knowing this, I crave to embrace and encourage this cognition.  The second need is to engulf your organization in nurturance.  Nurturing would initially entail, bringing awareness and acceptance to the forefront.  Awareness is the first step to remove blocking habits and patterns, limitations fade once awareness is in play.

When an individual begins to experience great joy, their special talent has arisen and time begins to disappear.  This is the essence of success and what authenticity is capable of.  The biggest blockage to being truly genuine and real is, when you start worrying about what other people think of you.  Our biggest fear is public humiliation, were afraid to look stupid in other’s eyes.  Keep in mind that when we’re comparing ourselves to others, the gift we’re delivering or creating is cut in half.  It’s impossible to give fully when were not fully present and concerned with something outside of us.   In most cases, this is the only thing standing in the way of us being authentic.  By honing this one characteristic out of yourself, amazing strengths will be revealed.  What I personally find inspiring about authenticity is the collective power it has!


What appears from the outside to be a personal endeavor, is far from it.  Regardless of the level of perception and influence you have, you’ve unquestionably create a ripple in the universe.  Positively influencing others in countless ways.  Certainly this alone, should amplify the momentum and power you’ve now discovered.  Uniquely different from most personal and collective goals, this process reaches for something beyond charts and algorithms.  You’re asked to go “old school”, and dig deep into feel and intuition!  Our fluffy and furry friends have mastered “old school”, might we be getting a bit to smart for our own good?  A refresher course in intuition might serve us well.

wade bergner“The closer you come to being true to yourself, the more things around you will start to change.”

Blair Singer Author of Little Voice Mastery

Your commitment to embrace authenticity, will change the world we live in.  I wish upon you the proper support and discipline to contribute to the greater good.  Being my own work in progress, I’ll continue to hone the best out of myself.  If any of my blogs serve you, please continue to follow and use what serves you.  All comments and questions are greatly appreciated (see below)!

Thanks for sharing your time with me today!


wade bergner

Wade W. Bergner / Business & Personal Development Coach








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  • Stacey R.

    Great take on authenticity! I can attest that leadership that encourages this, makes a tremendous difference to their employees. My previous job had serious turnover problems. I’m now with a company that has a genuine interest in its employees. I know I feel more comfortable and want to help them succeed.

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks Stacey! I’m glad your in a better environment, one where you can thrive. If I can assist you along your path, just let me know.

  • Amy

    Lots of great points you make in this article.

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks for the response Amy! Always great to know articles are being read.

  • Susan Patricia Connor Lewis

    One pointed flowing post that leads a reader through and encourages then to take a first step, then another. Watch for the sign posts mentioned , note them and take another step forward. Purely on the premise that someone else has past that way that way before on their own journey.

    • Wade Bergner

      Thank you for the comment Susan! It’s always great to know the message was conveyed. Have a great day! Namaste, Wade

  • Dave Menzies

    It’s inspiring that authenticity is at long last being embraced by employers and recognised as a leadership quality in general. As some of your quotes say, vulnerability is a key part of authenticity but has tended to be frowned upon in the corporate world – something not to be associated with. Another excellent post Wade!

    • Wade Bergner

      Thank you kindly Dave! I appreciate you and the difference your making along your path! Namaste

  • Nayla

    I think you are spot on here. Being authentic and allowing employees to be more themselves only creates more productivity. The more an employee is able to unleash their creativity and not be criticised for it the more productive that employee will become. It is when we are relaxed in the workplace that brings out the best ideas which then allows the company to grow.

  • Chris Samios

    Fantastic article Wade. You\’re certainly speaking the language of what 100% of the world population needs to embrace. I love how you\’ve highlighted comparison & its affect too. I find it hard myself, but a work in progress. Thanks for your valuable insights once again on this topic.

  • Andy Arnold

    Wade, you have stated some very valuable points in this article. I am right with you in your belief in both authenticity in our own lives, and also encouraging and empowering others to walk this path! Thank you for bringing more awareness and focus to this very important facet of life!

    • Wade Bergner

      It’s so great being connected with like minds! I certainly appreciate you taking the time to comment Andy! Wishing you a breakthrough year in 2019! Thank you, Wade

  • Irina

    Absolutely love this article. “Vulnerability isn’t bad, it’s just HARD” Amen to that!
    When we learn how to embrace our differences and stop being ashamed of being different, being vulnerable becomes natural and normal. At least that’s how I felt in my life… It’s definitely something we all need to learn and implement into our daily life to be happy and fulfilled.
    Thanks, Wade for great content!

    • Wade Bergner

      Thank you so very much for this comment Irina! It means so much to know that others are reading and influenced by the content I’ve been led to share. Stepping into our true self is beautiful thing that I hope more children and adults are encouraged to do! Again, I’m truly grateful for your encouraging words! Wade

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