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wade bergnerCreative Expression with Today’s Digital Economy / Expose Your Greatness

The days of stifling your creativity are over.  Back in the 1980’s anything outside the arena of reading, writing, and arithmetic were perceived as just hobbies.  With artificial intelligence ramping up and our digital economy taking over, things have shifted.  These so called soft skills (Arts, Music, Athletics,) will play a major factor in distinguishes us from artificial intelligence.  Our values, beliefs, independent thinking, and team work skills need to become our primary focus.

Our new digital economy has now opened the door to creativity.  For those bold enough to step out into the web, the possibilities are limitless.  We now can post an ad, video, or blog and instantly be recognized, scrutinized, or glamorized.  After 25 years of being a small business owner, my involvement in social media and the internet was minimal.  My business experiences served me well however, I needed to grow and learn something new!  The two driving factors that inspired me were, conquering fear and gaining freedom.

By not having a firm grip of what was going on in the digital world, I felt weak.  Each day I felt like I was holding back my business.  Maybe it was fear or maybe it was instinct, I just knew it was time to learn.  Having a traditional business also had me on a tight leash, the digital lifestyle didn’t require that same level of attachment.

There are many successful lifestyle entrepreneurs, but are they flexing their creative muscles?  A “lifestyle entrepreneur” is an entrepreneur who makes their living online. They don’t have a physical location or need one to operate. All they need is a laptop and wi-fi connection to manage their business. There are several tools and software they use, but they’re portable.

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are not tied down, which allows them to operate their business all over the world. The digital economy can also provide a passive income stream, that many people are oblivious to.  Offer valuable services, such as coaching, consulting, and online live seminars all can happen over the internet.

If this type of entrepreneurship model appeals to you, here are six steps you can use to become a lifestyle entrepreneur.

  1. wade bergnerPick a profitable target audience.

Many refer to your target audience as your niche.  While being specific can help, it’s not always necessary. Where niching helps is when your industry-specific. Idea specific can be a lot harder to niche.

The most important point is to make sure your niche, can afford to pay you. Many entrepreneurs pick a group that can’t afford their products and services. When creating a business there needs to be the potential to generate income regardless of the audience you pick.

  1. Build a foundation.

The foundation of a lifestyle entrepreneur’s business is their website. A website, however, will be a constant work in progress and holds many entrepreneurs back. You don’t need all the fancy widgets and plugins. Your website doesn’t need to be perfect, but it should have great content and very little clutter.  See four more foundation elements below:

  • Active social media presence.
  • Great money management skills – It’s sales and will have ups and downs.
  • Tools and resources need updating and tweaking.
  • Being authentic with your audience.
  1. Focus on the uniqueness you bring to market.

Seek knowledge like your digging for gold, look and learn from every place you can.  Keep in mind that your path will be as unique as you are, embrace it for that.  Gain an understanding of what works for you and your business. Just because it worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for your business. The best thing you could do, is test and retest until you get some traction.  Be resilient in your pursuit.

  1. Grow your audience.

Creating a strong social media is one of the best ways to build your audience. Below are some tips:

  • Become a guest on podcasts.
  • Guest posting.
  • Write for large authority sites.
  1. Offer valuable free content, paid content will follow

When you provide value through your free content, people will want more. Your paid content should be presented after you’ve established yourself as an authority.

Offer your value by consistently creating free content that’s better than other’s paid content. Charge a fair but profitable price for your premium offerings. Lifestyle entrepreneurs value their time above everything else, so their time is the most expensive service they offer.

  1. wade bergnerLearn, tweak and then scale.

Once you have made progress, review what’s working for your business. See where improvements can be made. Spend your time growing the profitable part of your business and scale accordingly.

Focus on what’s working and commit only to learn what will help your business grow. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed, it has demoralized many who have walked this path.

Embracing the digital economy has been amazing for me. I enjoy real freedom!  If you struggle with overcoming obstacles and expect everything to just line up perfectly for you, this lifestyle isn’t for you.  Those that embrace the challenge and understand that it’s a process will be fine.

If this type of business appeals to you, know that it’s possible and can be very profitable.  Click link for the training that I went through which guided me through the set-up process.

At the end of the day, it’s about experiencing freedom in every area of your life. When you embrace this lifestyle, you can live life on your terms.

I’m here to give the best of myself, and hope this content served you.  If your interested in starting your own online business, click the link below.  Please share comments or questions so I can better serve.


Wade W. Bergner

wade bergner

Wade W. Bergner / Business & Personal Development Coach






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  • Richard D.

    Nice share! I found the Free 7 Day Videos very helpful. Thanks

    • Wade Bergner

      Great! I’m here if you ever need any help. Thanks for the comment!

  • Lisa Y.

    I found this content valuable. I agree with this advice. Producing quality content consistently is huge.

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks Lisa! I’ll follow your work, please stay in touch.

  • Margi and Janie

    Great article Wade, the digital economy has certainly opened the door as you say in many ways. I\’ve been a computer user ever since they first appeared and correct me if I\’m wrong, I think that was way back in the 70s. I\’ve learnt such a lot through researching, reading, listening, it\’s been an amazing innovation and I\’ve embraced it. And as you say each of us has something unique to offer and we need to put ourselves out there. That\’s something I chose not to do for many years, I just watched, looked and listened behind the scenes, never venturing to expose myself. Then one day I did the extreme, I joined some internet dating sites, it wasn\’t easy but it gave me the confidence and courage to continue putting myself out there. Today I have no problem with chatting, engaging and suggesting to and with others, it\’s something I do easily and effortlessly. What a transition. I wish you well in your business, you have a great website.

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