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I love the idea of being able to devote more of my time to being with people I love and doing more of the things I love doing! That’s because, for 25 years, I wasn’t doing that.

Life is short – we only get so many trips around the sun.

I may have been the CEO of my own company however, I wasn’t the CEO of my own life!

Too busy to make it home for dinner, attend my kids after school events, connect with friends, or enjoy a family vacation!


Breaking Point Guided to the Digital Economy

I decided I was no longer going to hand my life over to my business, I’d just had enough!

I’d never get back those times I’d missed – the kid’s basketball games, school concerts, the opportunity to take a family vacation’s.

Once I made that commitment to become a traditional business owner, I unknowingly handed the wheel of my life over.  My ego wouldn’t accept anything other than success at all cost.  Believing that to experience success, I would need to give the ultimate sacrifice of my TIME.

Then came the internet, and everything changed.

Do you have favorite people you follow online? Maybe channels you frequent on YouTube, or blogs you regularly read, or Facebook “celebrities” you enjoy seeing in your news feed?

wade-bergner.comCelebrities Leverage the Digital Economy

Did you know they are making money by simply sharing what they’re passionate about?  Did you also know you could be doing the same thing?  That is, making money doing what you love?  It sounds like a stretch doesn’t it?  I can assure you that myself and thousands of other (ordinary people) are aligning themselves with the digital economy!

They do what they love, share their interests and knowledge with other people who have the same passions, and they get paid. This isn’t limited to the rich and famous or the young technology savvy. The worldwide web is wide open to those looking for like-minded people like YOU!

It’s called affiliate marketing and more and more companies are looking for help to expand their reach.

If properly set up, affiliate marketing can embed your personality and lifestyle, into the digital economy! Setting up a fundamentally sound affiliate business plan, requires very little money.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve made hundreds of close friendships, with people from all over the world. Growing with them, and learning how to grab the wheel of my own life!

Here’s a page where you can investigate for yourself how you could start making money doing what you love.


Wade W. Bergner

Wade W. Bergner Co-Founder of Real U Academy


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