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Given the busy lives that we live, it’s hard to find the time or energy to exercise.  But research has shown that by exercising you increase your energy level and state of mind significantly.  In fact, it can restore your energy so that you have enough to get all your daily tasks accomplished and still have some left over to enjoy life.

Scientist have not pinpointed exactly why exercise makes us feel better.  One of the theories is that it increases our brain’s production of hormones called endorphins, which help to elevate mood and decrease feelings of fatigue.  Another theory states that exercise increases the amount of neurotransmitter activities to the brain, which is believed to regulate mood and emotions.  The third theory says that It’s simply the fact that exercising increases the amount of oxygen that is transported to the brain which gives us those elevated feelings.  Whatever the cause, the result is the same.  Exercise increases our feelings of health, self-esteem, and energy.

Implementing fitness into your routine increases our overall energy levels, and our esteem.  Neglecting movement prohibits our natural state, along with our natural state of energy.  For some of us, the system is in place and we’ve embraced a routine and reaped the benefits of exercise.  Still a large percentage of the population has yet to discover this gift.  The motivation or camaraderie of a friend or coach is what is required to implement lasting change for them.  If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience the sheer joy of regular exercise, tactfully introduce others to this ritual and it’s benefits.

“Why is it so important to exercise?  You need to oxygenate your tired cells.  You’re feeding more oxygen carrying hemoglobin to your red blood cells.  Your heart will release more blood with each beat so it works less to circulate it through your body.  Physical activity will help your skeletal muscles use oxygen.  Your muscle cells become efficient in burning fats and fuel.  Your breathing rate is balanced so that you’re not winded so easily.  The bottom line is you’ll have more energy to expend.”  Carlson Wade

wade bergner

Exercise Tips:

Get rhythm.  Music can help you exercise.  According to Dr. Bob Arnot in his book The Biology of Success, you will work out harder and longer when you use the correct tempo music to exercise.  Energizing music is a big reason that spin and aerobics classes are so popular.

Use common sense.  If you haven’t exercised for a while, don’t try to run a marathon tomorrow.  Even moderate exercise has been shown to lower insulin levels, raise good cholesterol H.D.L. levels, and lower blood pressure.  You don’t have to be an exercise fanatic to gain the benefits.

Get started.  It takes on average 66 days to form a new habit, stick with it and exercising will become routine.

I’m here to assist you in your personal and business development.  I consider it an honor to share what I know with the hope of assisting you along your path.  If this or any of my other blogs serve as interest to you please follow me on any of the below links.  Than you for sharing your time with me today!

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    66 Days to create a habit, sounds about right.

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