How to Handle Gibberish in Today’s Digital Economy-Be A Pioneer

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wade-bergnerHow to Handle Gibberish in Today’s Digital Economy-Be A Pioneer

One of the mystery of modern life is that while technological acceleration provides more free time, those same advancements increase our options at an exponential rate.  Email is far faster than snail mail, but the internet also brought everything that went along with it (Twitter, You Tube, Linked In, ect…).  As the German sociologist Hartmut Rosa described it, “no matter how much we increase the ‘pace of life,’” we can’t keep up with the barrage of information and options.  The result of our digital economy is that “our share of the world” feels continually squeezed, even as we gain more efficient access to it.  Recent studies estimate that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last five years.  We’re simply drowning in information, a reality that makes even the simplest decisions fraught.

Meanwhile, we face the social anxieties of increasing inequality and an uncertain economic future where machines appear set to replace humans in many industries.  Managing uncertainty is fast becoming an essential skill.  The economist Noreena Hertz argued that one of today’s fundamental challenges is “disorder – a combination of the breakdown of old, established order and the extremely unpredictable nature of our age.”

This upswing in automation and outsourcing will require tomorrow’s workers to be more innovative and creative.  Success or failure will hinge on how well we deal with unstructured problems, and new situations.  We need to “get real” and understand that jobs that can be turned into an algorithm will cease to exist!  Individuals who pick up new skills and remain attuned to their environment, combined with their capacity to discover creative solutions will thrive.

wade bergnerJust as workers today must learn to adapt to the unknown, tomorrow’s workforce needs to prepare for it.  Educating for uncertainty in my opinion has become vital (in our digital economy), it is almost impossible to know what will happen by the time our youth join the job market.  A course in uncertainty would entail helping students be flexible, self-critical, curious, and risk-embracing.  These are all skill sets that disappear when anxiety gets the better of us.  Entrepreneurs cannot innovate without the ability to dwell calmly among multiple unknowns.  Our capacity to handle uncertainty isn’t a function of IQ, it’s an emotional (or mindset) challenge that anyone can learn.

Our preconceptions are vital for making sense of things, planning, and “taking action”.  Every day we make automatic assumptions about how our day and the world around you will unfold.  For example, when we’re driving our car, we expect that a red light means stop.  We expect that when we flick on the light switch, that room will light up.  The stronger these assumed relationships are, the more automatically our minds respond.  Our minds are so powerful,  and so good at assuming it’s staggering.  Read the below and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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Why is knowing this important?  Awareness that our fast responses don’t give us a clear picture of the world, empowers us to learn before leaping.  Becoming comfortable with the hidden up-side of uncertainty can be an enlightening experience.  By honing your willpower and confidence during uncertainty, are skills that will enable you and your family to thrive in today’s complex world and digital economy.  I encourage you to implement and teach these traits to those you know and love, now’s your time.  Clicking this link will provide you with free information regarding the ever changing digital economy.

I’m here to give the best of myself, and hope this content served you.  Click below, If your interested in learning more about the digital economy or about starting your own online business.  Please share comments or questions so I can better serve you.


wade bergner

Wade W. Bergner / Personal Development & Business Coach





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  • Holly L.

    Good content, the technology sector certainly is taking over center stage. I will continue to follow you.

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks for your kind comment Holly! Be sure to let me know I can help you along your path.

  • John S.

    Courses on uncertainty, I like where your going with this! So many changes occurring, and so few of us are prepared. You’ve provided me with great guidance, looking forward to our next Skype call.

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks John! I’ve enjoyed our conversations, and know you’ll be successful implementing this program into your business! Looking forward to our call and the continued growth that we’ve both experienced! Namaste, Wade

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