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Social media has handed the baton of potential over to individuals bold enough to grab it.  Marketing yourself digitally, has now become a game we can all be part of.  In my case, the shift was from overwhelm to empowerment.  Digital marketing means promoting a product or service online. It’s using the internet to connect with customers, engage them, and earn their trust.

Digital marketing includes a website and social media presence.  This includes emails, blogs, advertising, You-Tube videos, and pay-per-click advertising places where your brand meets customers.  Prior to educating myself, my knee jerk response to the digital economy was “no thanks”.  My lack of knowledge and unwillingness to learn was unknowingly blocking growth in both myself and my business.  To be honest, my ego and stubbornness had gotten in the way.  After years of building a reputation and a business, I wasn’t willing to show my vulnerability.  Words like “I don’t know” or “I’m unsure,” were foreign to my tongue.

My wake-up call had finally arrived, in the form of a budget review.  Our annual business report revealed that our technology budget had again expanded faster than anticipated.  What was once a small piece of our business plan, had become very significant.  My lack of knowledge and involvement needed to change as soon as possible.  Lack of time was no longer a viable excuse, comprehension and implementation became my focus.  The training program I went through was a game changer, sales spiked, budget shrunk, and confidence soared.

The more I understood the digital economy, the more I knew why to market yourself digitally.  It became evident to me that through proper positioning, an individual could out perform a corporation!  Once you slice everything up, what’s your net profit?  That’s when the veil had lifted for me.  With the proper tools, resources, mentors, and discipline anyone could tap into the digital revenue stream.  Through education, you can position yourself to earn a living through the digital economy.  Below are 8 areas to focus on once you’ve committed to your endeavor.



Understanding what your customers want is vital to your success.  Immersing yourself in this piece, will generate sustainable results and a sound business model.


Content can consist of: words, pictures, videos, polls, links, audio, and more.  Therefore createing stories and everyone loves a good story:  Customers can then connect with you and your brand.   Making your content original and enjoyable will bring customers your way.


A conversion is a paid customer.  If you don’t have paid customers you have a hobby, not a business.  Make conversions front and center when making decisions.  A “call to action” needs to be prominently displayed within or around your content and website.  This provides a prompt for your customers to make a purchase, or stepping stone to a purchase.


Building your web site and having all the proper links in place, is like having a storefront with everything in its proper place.  What follows is, you getting customers to come through the doors and those doors opening smoothly.


Digital marketing puts your customers in the position of power, their likes and shares will grow your business.  Use promotions to encourage them to reach out to others.  This is a powerful tool that will hoist your business to earn authority in the marketplace.


The reason we shop on line Is because it’s easier than a trip to the store.  When you properly market yourself digitally, you’ll make your customer’s lives easier.  The more you understand your business and your customers, the better off you’ll both be.


Even though you’ll be using multiple channels, your customers should always appear to be having just one relevant and meaningful chat with you.  Eventually you want everything in your system to feel and act in a congruent way.



Defining your objectives clearly will help you track your progress.  Is brand awareness, engagement, or building a sales funnel your approach?  Knowing this will create a measuring stick to build upon.

Hopefully this information has educated you on how to market yourself digitally.  Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to position yourself in today’s digital economy.

I’m here to give the best of myself, and hope this content serves you.  Click below, to learn more about the digital economy or about starting your own online business.  What products or services would you like to market online?  Please share comments or questions so I can better serve you on your journey.

wade bergner

Wade W. Bergner / Personal Development & Business Coach






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  • Lucille N.

    Sounds like something I’d love to get involved in! I’ve got a bunch of questions I’d like to ask you regarding this. First, can I do this on a part time basis and actually make money? Second, How much is the initial investment to get my feet wet? Finally, I’m in the service industry and would like to go off on my own, can you help me with this?

    • Wade Bergner

      Hi Lucille,
      I am very grateful for your comment! Yes, like most new ventures I’d recommend starting off on a part-time basis. You will have a chance grasp how everything works together and see the results for yourself. I would recommend you take in the free 7 day video series offered on the bottom of most of my blog articles, you’ll then determine which program works into your lifestyle. I believe the very begin level is $29 a month. Lucille, I would be glad to help you along your path! I first advice you to take in the free video series so you gain a better idea of the education system and if it’s a good fit for you. Please update me on your progress. Thank you! Wade

  • Stephanie H.

    Hi Wade, I’ve read a number of your posts and took in the free online training series. I’ve found them very informative and look forward working with you as I progress. Thanks for your kindness and generosity thus far😀🤗!

    • Wade Bergner

      Thank you Stephanie, the pleasure is all mine! It’s so cool to share something you know works. I’ve benefited from your knowledge of the housing industry in the process. Keep yourself locked in on learning the five modules in the training program, and don’t forget to be patient with yourself;). Live abundantly, Wade

  • Roger Moisan

    It sure is a journey moving from the physical business mindset to the digital world. However, the core principles are the same with customer service at the heart. Content is king as they say but so is reputation and valuable service. Our online customers are human and we should always imagine the person behind the screen when serving them.

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