Breakthrough Your Life / 8 Step Congruency Process

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wade bergnerBreakthrough Your Life / 8 Step Congruency Process

We go through life implementing lists, equations, and processes to formulate results.  However, what method have we been using to create congruency in our life?  If your anything like myself, your method has been spotty at best.  Combining education with strengths has been our standard for many years.

Fresh off returning from an amazing business retreat, I sunk my teeth into a concept that energized me.  A session that broke down four categories that adhesed four lifestyle traits.  After completing this process of self-exploration, I began to visualize it’s potential to impact myself and others.  Molding these eight areas together, unites and allows us to work in harmony and deliver results.  I will break down each area, and share insight on why I envision positive results occurring once implemented.



“Do what you love, love what you do”.  Ever notice how you lose track of time when you’re in this state?  We are relaxed, “in flow”, and very efficient when we truly love what we’re doing.


Pay attention to what your good at.  This doesn’t just mean your career or profession, pay attention to your hobbies and interests.  You could very well be missing out on something special if you overlook areas that seem childish, odd, or silly.


Scratch your head for a bit and really think about something the world needs.  This is an excellent way to get out of your own way, and see congruency take form.  Don’t restrict yourself, think freely and just start writing what comes to your mind.


Once you pull those three areas together, brainstorm how you can be compensated.  You’ll probably be surprised at what you come up with.


wade bergner“Whatever it is that you want to do in life, make the primary motivation for your effort something or somebody other than your desire for gratification or reward. “  Wayne Dyer


Now that you have these four categories working in congruency, lets adhere them with four subcategories.


PASSION – When you combine what you love with what you’re good at, you’ve found your passion.

MISSION – By connecting what you love with what the world needs, you’ve uncovered your mission.

VOCATION – Combining compensation with what the world needs, establishes your vocation.

PROFESSION – Compensation aligned with what your good at, equals profession.


You now have the ingredients to produce transformational results in your life.  This will not be enough though, you must do the below exercise and follow it up with a high dose of implementation.


Find a sheet of paper and list the four main categories at the top of the page.  Then slam out ten thoughts that come to mind when you ask yourself those questions.


LOVE                                     GOOD AT                             WORLD NEEDS                                  PAID FORwade bergner



Once you’ve finished, look closely at the final category and pay attention to how you feel.  If you’re not inspired, take a break and brainstorm another five ideas.  Odds are, you’ll get clarity to your purpose.

I hope this concept serves you, and leads to a fulfilled life.  Please share your comments below, and follow me to on any of the below links.  I’ve also attached a link to the online education that taught me how to earn a living in today’s digital economy.



wade bergner

Wade W. Bergner / Business and Personal Development Coach





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  • Susan Patricia Connor Lewis

    This is a post that is so simple with the whole message in a bottle the clarity behind which is crystal clear. In fact I am coming back to reread it just so that it\’s message sinks in.

    One to bookmark for sure.

    Thank you Wade for writing this post. Totally love it.

  • Isabella

    Hello Wade, I totally agree, I have always been making check-lists and plans and all those things and never got anything really complete. But as soon as I step into a field that I\’m truly passionate about everything seems to flow more easily and I enjoy everything so much better! Thanks for sharing the main categories, I\’ll definitely will try it out!

  • Scott

    Great post, Wade, and a great formula!

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks Scott! I appreciate you taking the time to let me know that the content provided value! Wade

  • Matt Nathanson

    I love your guide: What do you LOVE? What are you GOOD AT? What the WORLD NEEDS? What will be PAID FOR by other? It’s seemingly simple, but great stuff. Wade, what inspires you the most?

    • Wade Bergner

      Hi Matt, I certainly thank you for the comment! It’s great knowing that others see the value of implementing this perspective in their career and life decisions. I’m inspired to leave my mark on the next generation! Instilling self worth and leadership skills in children, inspires me!! Thanks again for taking the time to respond! What inspires you Matt?

  • Gab Doy

    Wade, great post. Find passion, mission, and drive in the world is the biggest challenge we have to face in my opinion but you gave a simple but great message.

    • Wade Bergner

      Hi Gab, I truly appreciate your feedback surrounding my 8 Step to Congruency article! Let’s collectively push forward and fully display our passion, others will follow. Great things can and will happen when we step into this leadership role. Glad to know your part of this movement! Wade

    • Wade Bergner

      I’m certainly grateful for you comment here Gab!
      Thank you! Wade

  • Irina

    Good advise when you needed the most, is always exciting to find.
    “PASSION – When you combine what you love with what you’re good at, you’ve found your passion.”
    I believe doing what you love in life is the key to a happy and prosperous life! I am sure we all at some point in our lives did things and had absolutely no passion for what we were doing. Doing things I don’t love is the absolute waste of living to me! Thank you, Wade, for the great article

    • Wade Bergner

      Hi Irina! Thank you for the wonderful feedback surrounding my 8 Step to Congruency article! It feels great to know that you also are an advocate for embracing and encouraging others to live in abundance and awe! Please continue to feed the wonderful energy to a world that desperately needs it. I wish you another blessed and amazing day! Wade

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