Become a Frontrunner When the Digital Economy and Endurance Athletes Merge

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wade bergnerBecome a Frontrunner When the Digital Economy and Endurance Athletes Merge


Being an endurance athlete for a majority of my life, I can strongly attest to the massive value its brought into my life.  It leaves me numb when I reflect on the list of experiences, relationships, and challenges its bestowed on me.  The bricks of my life seem to have been conjoined together from this one raw ingredient that’s molded my life.  A frontrunner springboard had inadvertently been lodged into my life.

A picturesque city where the great Mississippi River and spectacular bluffs stage my upbringing.  A community of kindness and hope fed upon itself daily.  Ingesting these truths, along with throwing, hitting, and kicking any ball was my bliss.  However, school created an indisputable challenge for me.  In third grade I was held back and labeled with a reading disability.  A blow to my confidence which opened a portal of low self-esteem that I delve into.

To my good fortune a transformational event changed my life.  I remember being in math class during my 2nd week of high school when, my teacher requested I stay after class.  My frail state expected the worst with more educational strife in store.  To my bewilderment the Track & Field coach from down the hall, wanted to meet me.  I was elated when he informed me that the mile time I ran in Physical Education class (earlier in the week) was the fastest he’d seen.  He went on to tell me that with his guidance, I could become a frontrunner for the states top distance runner honor.  In that instant he instilled such a strong belief in me, that I had no choice but to believe in myself.  That expression of spoken words, changed my perception and served as my greatest lesson.  That sense of belief and eventual knowing, propelled me to successful high school running career.


The success in that area, in turn, led to me graduating from college where I earned Athletic All-American honors.  The fire still burned in me after college, as I moved to Colorado with hopes of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials.  The success I experienced in athletics, provided me the confidence to enter the business world and create opportunities for myself and others.  I’ve spent the past 25 years building businesses and now, I’m thrilled to share my experiences with others.  Each day I look for the opportunity to share that gift of belief.  That is my mission, and I am euphoric to know that this opportunity exists.  Belief is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others.

When one describes an endurance athlete, the word discipline is never absent.  When it comes to endurance events and performance, results require discipline.  Athletics and achievement have always had close ties to one another, however endurance training pulls on a few more cords.  Endurance training fall into the “silent sport” category and leans heavy on self-motivation for results.  In most cases coaches are nonexistent or provide just an occasional “kick in the ass”.

If you’re an endurance athlete you’ve already positioned yourself to become a frontrunner in the digital economy.  A simple shift of focus in four areas, will produce a solid foundation to creating your own business.  A business that’s positioned around your passions and your skill sets.







wade bergner


Keep learning and believing, those are two things that have kept both my business and self growing.  With 25 years of business ownership experience, I’ve seen the momentum building around today’s digital economy.  What started off as gradual adjustments to traditional business models, has now become a new model of profitability and efficiency.  Those that show confidence and embrace will become frontrunners in this movement.

If there was one thing I longed to have more of, it was time.  Squeezing time in for my family, training, and leisure had always been my unresolved challenge.  By positioning myself into today’s digital economy, I’ve now resolved that shortcoming.  Once I aligned myself with a business model and companies that work 24/7 365 days a year, the playing field changed.  I was finally in a position where the business wasn’t running me, I was truly running it.  I no longer needed employees, products, or equipment once aligned with the digital economy.


After properly educated myself, I began teaching others how to align themselves with today’s digital economy.  The three things I needed to position myself were.

MENTORSHIP:  Through online and live training’s I was guided by experts on how to set up a proven system to succeed.  Learning from some of the most successful online entrepreneurs was priceless.

TOOLS:  To enable your business to thrive, having access to the most effective and essential tools was crucial.  By eliminating the unknown, you’re able to trust the process and produce sustainable results consistently.

SUPPORT:  By having access to a team of experts, I gained “piece of mind” as I established my online presence.

Make this a priority and use your innate discipline trait, to become a frontrunner and grab the freedom you’re worthy of.  Discipline is an amazing gift that you’ve been given, I’d strongly encourage you to use it!  Visualize yourself with time to immerse yourself in your passions, spend time with your family, and run your own business from anywhere in the world?  Over the past ten years, our economy has drastically changed.  Therefore those that educate and position themselves, these changes will be phenomenal!

I hope my story assists you as you navigate along your own journey.  I feel it’s my duty to bring awareness to opportunities that exist, and can change lives.  I’ve provided a link for those looking to learn more about the digital economy.

Thank you for spending your time with me today!  Please share comments and follow me on any of the below links.

wade bergner

Wade W. Bergner / Business & Personal Development Coach








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  • Roger Moisan

    A truly inspiring article Wade. I often look at the parallels between sport and business and my favourite analogy is “building a business is a marathon not a sprint.” The mindset of an endurance athlete must be very similar to that of a successful business owner. You need stamina, patience, vision and self belief in spades.

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks for the comment Roger! Athletics and business certainly complement each other. It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

  • Roger Moisan

    A truly inspiring article Wade. I often look at the parallels between sport and business and my favourite analogy is “building a business is a marathon not a sprint.” The mindset of an endurance athlete must be very similar to that of a successful business owner. You need stamina, patience, vision and self belief in spades.

  • Parvinder Shergill

    That%u2019s fantastic Wade! What a great achievement for you. Moving into Entrepreneurship seems like a natural progression applying such valuable skills such as endurance and discipline. Both are keys to success especially when you have no one to report to but yourself. I agree we need to arm ourselves with the right tools and education in this changing economy to ensure that we capitalize on this opportunity.

    • Wade Bergner

      Thank you for the kind words Parvinder! So glad you see the parallel between the two activities, simply another nudge for those that are stuck. If they have those traits, they are so close. Stretching into another area is a bold but worthwhile move. Wishing you all the best! Namaste, Wade

  • Raymond Hoogesteger

    Thank you for your writing, I really enjoyed the blog.

    I felt an anger burning within me when you were labeled with a reading disability. And that you lost the confidence in you.
    However, I was inspired to hear that a coach was able to make you believe in yourself again! And even more inspired when you chose to return the favor by making others believe in themselves.
    Discipline is definitely one of the most important characteristics that you will need to succeed. Jocko Willick has a great book title for it: “Discipline equals Freedom”.
    Good luck on your journey!

    • Wade Bergner

      Thanks for your comment Raymond! It feels great to know that my message was conveyed in a way that created a feeling. The experience molded my life and I’m finally understanding what I’m ment to do with this experience. I will seek out the read you referenced to. Namaste, Wade

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