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As if Parenting and Entrepreneurship weren’t enough, don’t leave out fulfillment.  If I would’ve delved deeply into the magnitude of what parenting entailed, my confidence would’ve denied me of that prestigious position.  Understanding that every imperfection would be on full display for an innocent life to behold, would’ve been too much for me.  How could I possibly provide my children what they’re worthy of receiving?  Despite waiting until my early thirties to have kid’s, my doubts still wavered.  However (as all parents understand), the moment each child is born something amazing happens.  An unconditional love takes over and rattles you to the core.  Forever changing you!


Those amazing first years of parenting and childhood growth were the bookmark for my awakening.  Leap-frogging from one milestone to another, made each month blend into the next.  A flurry of highlights flashing before my fleeting eyes, as childhood innocence and parental bliss began to fade into parental responsibility.  The unconditional love was here to stay however, doubt crept in as challenges elevated.  I began to wonder how I was carrying myself on a day in and day out basis?  Something was out of alignment and I knew it.  I’d had the blinders on and felt that providing was what I should focus on.  That’s all that matters right?  It would be outrageous to actually align with an abundant and fulfilling life.


wade bergnerI had grown a strong love for reading personal development books and yet, I caught those limiting self-doubts and beliefs red handed.  Despite knowing the power of written and spoken word, I wasn’t bold enough to step into it.  In a moments time though, that knowing was forced into a becoming.



I recall coming home from work (once again) overwhelmed, tired, and late for dinner.  With distraught and worry painted across my face, my youngest son (4 years) Max, walked over and looked into my eyes.  He had a frown on his face and said “Daddy, are you sad”?  I was caught off guard and did what I could to correct course to conceal the discontent and overwhelm I’d been feeling.  I excused myself and privately drowned myself in tears.  At that very moment, I knew that everything I felt, my children also felt.  The stakes in parenting had just gotten steeper, I need to grow and stretch in ways that I’d never even considered.


Step one was for me to take a good long look in the mirror, and determine what was making me so unhappy.  Was it my business, career path, schedule, relationships, and what was I going to do about it?  I felt denying myself of happiness was acceptable, but denying my kids of a happy father was unacceptable.  I became unwilling to pass onto my children, the belief that their chosen profession was only designed to provide and, not to produce joy and fulfillment.



From that day forward, my voyage towards fulfillment had begun.  For the first time in my life, I was receptive to guidance from others.  Furthermore, my vocabulary expanded to include words like fulfillment, abundance, wealth, love, and happiness.  Besides that my skeptical mind was now open and receptive to new ideas and concepts.  A new online community had become my playground for personal and financial growth.  Because of the monumental shift that my four-year old son graciously bestowed upon me.  A beautiful yet crucial shift, one that pushed me outside myself.


Asking for help was certainly the most difficult and necessary action I needed to take.  Embarking on a discovery process supported by a coach, helped lay the foundation for my new life and outlook!  At first glance I thought coaching declared weakness, boy was I wrong!  Quickly realizing how my awareness became elevated throughout the coaching process.  Answering questions to someone who was attentive and respectful of my concerns, was an unusual and refreshing experience.  I also became acutely aware of how unique the skill of listening is to our general population.



A five-tier system had shifted my mindset from routine, into a steady rich daily diet of vitamin E (Empowerment).  The first of these was to, visualize and meditate on what you want to bring into your life.  Using all your senses making the experience real and familiar.  Next, invest in yourself through course studies, webinars, and books that interest you.  Participating in this activity will increase the value you have to offer the world.  The third area was to invest your time into income producing activities.  I can attest that replacing time in front of the television, with income generating activities was a game changer!  The fourth area was to Master Mind with leaders in your field of your interest.  My knowledge base and confidence elevated as I absorbed the vast knowledge that was openly shared with me.  After allowing myself to really lean into this concept, I found myself thinking, acting, and living like the group I’d attached myself to.  The final daily step was to learn, do, and finally teach.  By marinating myself in this five-tier system, I’d tasted the nectar of fulfillment!



That system followed up with weekly coaching, unveiled my values and aligned me with like-minded and purpose driven people.  A journey that exposed false beliefs, improved communications, and taught empowering new skill-sets designed to fulfill.


An abundant, fulfilled, and happy father, husband, and leader that meets each day with a smile.  Purpose and love take center stage, as I enthusiastically team up to “Empower the next generation”!  A Mastermind session manifesting a new mission and company, we refer to as REAL U!  Creating engaging and fun content designed to instill self-belief into the next generation.


“If you aren’t growing, you’re doing a disservice to your mission and the world.  DREAM BIG, PLAY BIG, AND PUSH YOUR BOUNDARIES.  By letting your light shine, you grant permission for others to do the same!”


We’ve been given the opportunity to positively influence others along our path, keep doing your thing.  I wish you the proper support and discipline to contribute to the greater good.  Being my own work in progress, I’ll continue to hone the best out of myself, in hopes that I can serve.

Thank you for sharing your time with me today!  Please share comments and follow me on any of the links below.


wade bergnerWade W. Bergner / Real U







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  • Tina Myrling

    Hi Wade, This is a really good blog, thank you for sharing.
    Warm Regards Tina

    • Wade Bergner

      I certainly appreciate the positive feedback Tina! Please share this post to others it may serve. Thank you! Wade

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