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wade-bergner.comRecognizing The Need For A Faith Based Cornerstone

This weekend I’m handing over my franchise!  Recently I heard a professional football player reference himself as a franchise, which I felt was quite an arrogant statement.  To some extent I still feel it was inappropriate however, athletes clearly do tap into financial spigots that represent franchise qualities.  Companies and organizations have a strong interest in aligning with what each athlete’s character or qualities represents.

When I pondered what being re-baptized this weekend would mean to me, the concept of viewing one’s self as a franchise came up.  Could it be that viewing ourselves intrinsically as a franchise, we’d be better off?  Not necessarily by linking with companies but, the team (of thoughts) within us working on challenges day after day.

Each thought representing part of our team within, processing the world in which we live.  For example, let’s compare our individual selves to a professional football team.  Your quarterback might handle family thoughts, running back surging ahead your business or professional thoughts, and your wide receiver striding along with your relationship thoughts.  There’s an entire team working to stabilize and navigate your way through life.  Like every other team, there will be ongoing weaknesses that need to be tended to, by you.  Players that leave, get traded, get old, create team disharmony, the list goes on.  When these challenges present themselves, we need something solid to help us through the adversities.

wade bergnerYour Team Needs A Faith Based Cornerstone

I can tell you that, each player within my franchise has been seeking an understanding, reliable, and trusted coach to guide them.  A strong foundation is what they’ve been craving.  Something that my players can believe and know has their absolute best interest at hand.  I’ve come to know that in order to supply this request  I need to step outside of myself, and into a word that’s eluded me.  Faith!

Checking in at the ½ century mark (52 years old), I’ve come to believe that surrendering completely to faith will revitalize or quite frankly save my franchise!  Despite the countless personal, spiritual, and business development work I’ve done, I feel like I’m in quick sand loosing ground.  Pushing and pulling myself to what feels like a .500 team (50% wins & 50% losses).  My dis-functional independence has finally derailed me from my “so called” life path.  Who am I to think I know my life path?  Leaning into something much bigger than myself became a “no-brainer”.

In a service Matt Anderson (Pastor / C3 Church of Ellsworth Wisconsin) discussed our innate need for a foundation, a cornerstone to build ones life on, one which gets so embedded within us it’s immovable.  Each piece firmly holding and supports one another.  The picture he painted within my mind, etched a longing to embrace this cornerstone to help me rebuild my life.  A faith-based foundation, one that serves the best interest of myself and others.

wade bergnerImplementing A Faith Based Cornerstone

One thing I know to be true is that life is change.  My expectation is that with my cornerstone now in faith, I’ll implement and adapt to an ironclad life navigation system.  Positively affecting the lives of myself and others.

When we overcome our own delusions, such as anger, attachment, and ignorance, we develop a realization of universal love, compassion, concentration, and wisdom.  A realization that in turn serves ourselves and others.  By creating this cornerstone and gaining inner peace, my intent is to represent and in turn encourage others to embrace the greater good within themselves!

Be exceptional and pass it on,

Wade W. Bergner

Co-Founder / Real U Inc.

Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy Mastermind Member



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